Photographer,                                              né à Brest  -  France

based in Shenzhen & Hong Kong

                                                    amoureux du Noir et du Blanc

intrigued by colours


Most of what you see here is from films TriX (400 @200) processed in D76.

2016 Summer   Chapelle St Côme - Collective Exhibition

2016 June - On going   Studio Harcourt Hong Kong - Photographer

2015 Jul   Hotel Sofitel Guangzhou - Dialogue extracts

2014 Summer   Chapelle St Côme - Collective Exhibition

2013 Mar   Co-founder of NONdits Photographers Collective in South China

2012 Dec - Janv 2013   Antinoë Librairie - Echos silencieux

2011 Dec - Janv 2012   Antinoë Librairie - Dialogue extracts

2010 Dec   Release of Dialogue the Book - click Here for more

2010 Jul   Hotel Ritz Carlton - Regards croisés France Chine

2009 Dec   5th Lianzhou International Photo Festival - Dialogue with Antonin Kennel

2009 May   C-Union Shenzhen - Open your Eyes & Swimming Pool

2008 Dec   Nihao Art Gallery Xiamen - Ping Pong with Antonin Kennel

2008 Sept/Oct   China Intl. Photo. ParkBorders, Mandy Romero & A day in the life of

2007 Jan/Feb   Sinolink - Mangrove West Coast - 2 awards Architecture Photo

For a different taste and approach some Instagraming moments below.